Aamar Bari Ashram

Aruthi Maity, a widow from Medripur, West bengal staying inside her room at the Aamar Bari Ashram in Vrindavan. This Ashram is totally different from the Sri Bagwan Bhajan Ashram. Widows have a room there and are feeded, no links attached..

Headquartered at Delhi's Qutub Institutional Area, the Guild has established a home for the widows of Vrindavan, Amar Bari, where the women live in the comfort of companionship and care, learning skills that help them gain economic independence and confidence. Most of the women at Amar Bari are from West Bengal. Dr. V. Mohini Giri has served as Chairperson of the Guild of Service since 1979, a social service organization which, among its projects, helps the displaced widows of India.

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